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How to get more visitors to your Website

The one thing all websites owners have in common, is that they are all looking to get more and more visitors to their websites. The problem they all have is, how to do this, cheaply and effectively so that they make a return on their limited marketing budget.

How to get more visitors to your Website


Still the best and most cost effective way to drive extra traffic to your website, is with SEO. The reason for this is simple, page 1 rankings in the search engines will not only drive traffic, but will drive high quality traffic from searchers that are actually looking for a website like yours. If you have a website that sells “widgets” and your website ranks to the first page of the major search engines for “widgets” you will get traffic from people looking to buy “widgets”. No other free marketing can match that, and that is why ranking on the first page is so valuable.

How to get on the first page

There are two, equally important parts to successful website SEO. Firstly, there is on-page SEO, this is the process of optimising your website pages, making sure that your titles, header tags and content are correctly telling the Search engines what your website is about. If your website is not correctly setup and optimised for your keyword targets, the search engines will never rank it on the first page.

The second part is off-page SEO. This involves building quality relevant back links to your website that will pass authority to it. This means that if your website is about “Wedding dresses” you will want backlinks from other website that are related to weddings. Getting these related backlinks will tell the search engines that you are trusted in your market, and will in turn elevate your rankings.

SEO at the right price

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